C-Test Practice

The C-test is one of the exercise types that appear in the UAB Language Service multilevel English exam. It tests reading comprehension, spelling, grammar and vocabulary. The test consists of completing texts in which alternate words have missing letters. To complete the words, you need to add the same number of letters as those given or one more.


I us__ to li__ in t____ city, b__ I dec___ moving he__ would b__ a lit___ more rela_____.
(I used to live in the city, but I decided moving here would be a little more relaxing.)

bearfestivalThe Bear Festival blackfriarBlack Friday hillaryHillary Clinton kaieteurKaieteur Falls
lostinthejungleLost in the jungle trumpFriedrich Trump uyuniThe Uyuni Salt Flats wildInto the Wild


UAB Idiomes | Disseny : Ian James. Actualitzat per en Pablo Sanz (2020)


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