C-Test Practice

The C-Test is one of the exercise types which appear in your end of year exam. The C-Test tests reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammatical knowledge and the ability to use language in a given context. It consists of completing texts in which alternate words have missing letters. To finish the words you need to add the same number of letters as those given (words with an even number of letters) or one more (words with an uneven number of letters).

exercise would be missing cise.
example would be missing mple.

The C-Tests are organized in groups of four.

Groups 1 to 5

Al-qaeda Pigeons in Trafalgar Square Learning to write Electrical appliances Group 1

Where might aliens live? Queen Mary 2 accident Teenagers and peer pressure Neanderthals Group 2

Why affairs happen Advertising The Welfare State The drug ecstasy Group 3

The new Harry Potter book Why Shakespeare? Roman amphitheatres Emotional intelligence Group 4

A healthy weight The Erasmus programme Curriculum vitaes Stress Group 5

Groups 11 to 15

My best friend Winning the lottery A lonely hearts club Bonfire night Group 11

Bungee jumping Gospel singer Rain and Religion Teenage monsters Group 16

Atlantis Euthanasia Naked News Sons Group 17

Autocopter Changing Mars Sleep Room Voice Lift Group 18

British and American English Group 20

Groups 6 to 10

Royal Succession US gun law Strikes and trade unions Group 6

First aid Allergies Internet chatting The Spanish Armada Group 7

Solar eclipses Gibraltar Can AIDS be cured? Group 8

Pompeii Tai Chi Intelligence Intelligence Group 9

The Prestige disaster Sumo wrestling Interpol Islam Group 10


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